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XXIV international exhibition-competition of contemporary art "Russian Art Week" (season "2018-spring")

Dates: 23-29 April 2018, 11.00-21.00.
Opening: 24 April 2018, 18.00
Closure: 29 April 2018, 17.00
Address: Moscow, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya str., 10.
International design center "Artpley", Small hall

Individual artists and masters, as well as creative duets and collectives can take part in the following programs:

1) International Exhibition & Contest
2) International Exhibition & Art-Fair
3) International Educational program of master classes
4) International Conference
(each program is an independent unit and requires a separate registration)

More details:



1) International Painting Competition


- contest of classical art
- contest of contemporary art
- contest of contemporary art
- contest of avant-garde art
- contest of abstract art
- contest of figurative art
- contest of folk art

2) International Graphic Competition


- contest of classic graphics
- contest of experimental plots
- contest of book graphics

3) International Sculpture Competition

4) International Decorative & Crafts Competition

5) International Textile Competition




Over 5,000 art supporters engaged with works by 1200 artists from 24 countries in emerge's Gallery and Artist platforms. Building on the momentum of the fair's inaugural year, RAW set the bar yet higher for an authentic quality of art experience that is coming to be expected by a new generation of collectors in the prosperous region and beyond.

The section for galleries and funds is called the "Art Look" and occupies a space area of 1000 m ²!
The section for individual artists is called the "New Art Look" and occupies a space area of 500 m ²! Opportunity to present and sell their works for the first time appears to authors who have never appeared on the international art fairs.

Sections of exhibition-fair:
1) Painting
2) Graphics
3) Sculpture
4) Graphic and communication design
5) Video art and digital art
6) textiles, crafts and decorative arts
7) Equipment and materials for artists



Master classes are held in all areas of the Russian Art Week - painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and decorative arts. Russian Art Week International traditionally includes educational programs - workshopss, lectures and creative meetings, where famous artists and craftmen share their experience and knowledge. Famous painters, sculptors, photographers from Russia, Europe and Asian countries perfom for participants and visitors of the RAW.

Every November during the RAW becomes the most important destination for artists, galleries, collectors, critics and curators from all over the world.



The international art forum and scientific and practical conference will be held during the Russian Art Week: "Contemporary Art and Globalization", whose free atmosphere will enable constructive dialogue between artists, gallery owners, collectors, experts and art professionals.
Awards, benefits and prospects
For the participants of the Russian Art Week, various programs are organized that promote creative careers and contribute to increasing the visibility and enhancement of the image component and commercial opportunities:
• Presentation of competitive works in the exhibition space of one of the most popular Moscow venues - in the International Design Center "ART-PLAY";
• The work will be evaluated by an international jury consisting of professionals from Russia, Europe, Asia and America;
• All participants are published in the international directory "New Faces in Arts". The catalog is published in several volumes, by sections: painting, graphics, sculpture, arts and crafts and textiles.
• During the exhibition there will be numerous creative meetings, educational and business programs;
• for the winners there are special promotional programs, including the organization of personal exhibitions and participation in international exhibitions and fairs.
• the authors of the most professional works will be invited to Russian and foreign public unions and associations.
• all participants receive a certificate / diploma of a member of the Russian Art Week. The winners get the diploma of the winner.
Catalog of participants of the Russian Art Week
The works of the participants of the Russian Art Week are published in the International publication "New Faces in Arts". The catalog is published in several European languages. Distribution of the catalog - galleries, exhibitions and fairs. The catalog will be published in several volumes.

Useful sections:

1) Competition Rules
2) Sequence of registration for the competition
3) Nominations
4) General technical regulation
5) Documents for registration at the fair
6) Press-release (download WordPDF)