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Ron Leung is a Cross-Disciplinary Designer who has been practicing his creative career in different design fields in Hong Kong. Graduated from the Industrial Design Department of Hong Kong Polytechnic and started as a product designer, Ron had also worked as full time graphic designer. Later, he started up his own practice as design consultant providing industrial and graphic design services to local and overseas customers.

In 1999, Ron was appointed as Creative Director by Safilo Far East, the regional head office of Safilo Group, one of the leading fashion eyewear manufacturers and distributors in the world. Ron was responsible for the regional creative marketing activities and brand guardian. The top-tiered Fashion Brands that Ron was serving included Burberry, Gucci, Dior, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren, Max Mara and YSL, where Ron has further expanded his creative territories to Marketing related sectors including Trade Show, Interior, Visual Merchandising, Branding and Event Design.

In 2004, Ron founded L.I.M. Design Work Limited, a multi- disciplinary design consultant firm based in Hong Kong. In the same year, he was appointed also as Creative Director by SURA, a renowned creative gift & premium brand in Hong Kong until 2006.

Browsing through Ron’s portfolio, one might easily find an obvious motif among his works: a distinctive flair of simplicity. "I won't deny if people regard me as a hard lining minimalist; actually, I'd feel that as a compliment. Simplicity always possesses the magical charm, which is timeless, tasty, classy and causing impact - and always sells" Says Ron. "To me, Design is not to satisfy the designer, and not even the project client, but the end users.”

“I believe a good blend of innovation, sense and taste in design can bring a better difference to our life and the world we live in” Upholding such believe, Ron has been an enthusiast to promote the identity and value of "Hong Kong Design" through his projects.

Now besides his creative practice, Ron is also active in advocating the importance of design and innovation to the industry, being speaker at various forums, symposiums and lectures for various trade organizations and educational institutes. In 2014, Ron was appointed as Hon. Secretary of the Society of Industrial Designer (IDSHK), as later appointed as Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA). In 2016, Ron was elected Chairman of HKDA until September 2018.

- DCHK (Hong Kong Design Council) Ex-Com Member
- HKTDC (HK Trade Development Council) Committee (DMLSAC)
- VTC (Vocational Training Council) Advisor (DEDAB)
- HKDA (Hong Kong Designers Association) Chairman (2016-18)
- HKDA (Hong Kong Designers Association) Vice Chairman (2014-16)
- HKDC (Hong Kong Design Centre) Board Director (2016-18)
- FHKDA (Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations) Hon. Secretary (2014-17)
- IDSHK (Industrial Designers Society Of Hong Kong ) Hon. Secretary (2012-14)

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