XXVII international Exhibition & Competition of Modern & Contemporary Arts "Russian Art Week" (season "2019-autumn")
Dates: November 01-06, 2019.
Registration deadline: October 22, 2019.
Address: Exhibition Centre "Sokolniki", pavilion 2, Park Sokolniki, 5th Luchevoi Prosek, 7, metro station "Sokolniki" .


Competition program of the Russian Art Week International is open to any artist, over the age of 18 years, from any country. The competition includes three professional categories of participants: "Professionals," "Amateurs" and "Students" (for details, see "Entry Category"). Each of these categories is competing in its own category. Art objects can be declared for the contest from one artist and from a group of collaborators, which does not affect the jury's decision and the general rules of the contest. There can be one art object in multiple categories. In this case it is necessary to make duplicates of files for each category and pay the participation fee in accordance with the rates for the participation of every art object.

Participation forms:
1) Participation in the competitive & exhibition program: online (in absentia) and in person (internal way)
2) Participation in Art Fairs program: full-time participation
3) Participation in master classes: a) as a listener, and b) as a lecturer

Dates and place:
International Art Fair & Competition of Modern & Contemporary Arts "RUSSIAN ART WEEK International" will be held in the famous expo complex - "Sokolniki" (Moscow, Park Sokolniki, 5th Luchevoi Prosek, 7) 

Expert Council (jury) evaluates the entries in each of the contests. Heads of similar section of the Eurasian Art Union (EAU) top the Expert Council (jury). The Expert Council is composed of the following professional groups: a) members of the EAU ; b) representatives of the specialized media; c) representatives producing companies; g) artists
The work of the Expert Council (jury) includes an assessment of the submitted art facilities and identify the level of skill of the authors with a view to their subsequent invitation to join the members of the largest in the Russian Federation, the All-Russian public organization " Eurasian Art Union" (EAU).

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS (for full-time and part-time participants):
For registration in the competition program authors send to the organizing committee (e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) required materials (list of registration materials, refer to "How to participate"). Digital materials should be at least 200 dpi, no less than 600 pixels on the smaller side and saved as images in formats or .JPEG. JPG, mode RGB, file size: from 1 to 20 MB. Labels for each file should be sent as a separate file in the format of Word.

Special REQUIREMENTS (for full-time participants):
After registering through the Internet full-time participants bring their artworks on October 31, 2019, from 12.00 to 17.00.
Head of the need to be prepared for display at the Vertical Stand & Wall:
a) have hooks, loops or eyelets for hanging
b) have a firm basis (mat, frame, sub-frame, etc.)
c) have a label (in the lower right corner on the front side)
g) together with the exhibition provided an art object applicant rents "Card-transfer act", which will be the basis for the subsequent issuance of entries at the end of the exhibition.
After the show full-time art objects are returned, the issuance is strictly November 06, 2019, from 17.00 to 20.00. The Organizing Committee can arrange to send full-time work by mail, special request and payment of transport costs.
There are could be any size of full-time work, but in the case of the provision of an exhibition of art-object (except the competition sculptures) not more than 100 cm. by longer side (including frame), the applicant shall pay an additional fee at the rate of: the amount of 101 to 150 cm - an additional 50% of the entry fee at a rate of 151 cm to 200 cm. - an additional 100%, etc.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (for part-time members):
After registering through the Internet organizing committee prints competition files and locates photocopies of the art objects for the exposition. The size of the printed images - A3 (297x420 mm). One file should contain one object. At the end of the exhibition organizing committee sends diplomas or the winner by mail.

The authors that present their work in the category "Book Illustrations" must adhere to the following principles:
a) Entries in this category must be submitted in the form of series (in one file - a series of still images);
b) In addition to the online registration allowed a hard copy of the book

In this category the contestants are required to provide, along with an image and a story that would illustrate this image. All text must be submitted in Russian or English. The text and pictures in this category have the same values and are linked by a common product.

To participate in the competition you must sent the following material to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:
a) Application form (download WordPDF)
b) Labels (download WordPDF);
c) Photo of the author (with a minimum of 3x4 cm.)
d) Images of the works (at least 200 dpi, no more than 20 MB);
e) Copy of the payment of the entry fee (see "Participation Fee")

If the author is involved in more than one category / categories or multiple competitive works, the payment voucher can be one, on the applicant (or one of a group of co-authors). Required: number of photos (files) must match the number of participating entries. In the case of the participation of one images in multiple categories is necessary to make duplicates for each category.
The competition is only fully formed application, including the above-mentioned five registration points. The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse participation in the competition, if an art object violates social norms or denigrates someone's dignity.

Returning the original disks or photos
All applications must include the appropriate organizational contributions. If a participant sends a request to return the original disks or photos by mail, you must pay: organizational expenses (650 rubles) and transportation costs (upon receipt, the materials will be shipped by cash on delivery).

After all participants receive diplomas, certificates party (the number corresponds to the number of diplomas participated in the competition of art objects), and winners - printed diplomas of the winner. It is possible to send certificates in electronic form (on a separate application to the Organizing Committee). The cost of the registration fee includes shipping diplomas mail for correspondence participants.

Allowed signature, stamp or any other identification of authorship anywhere images. Subsequently, competitive images published with the author's distinctive marks.

If the author sends the disk or the original poster, it is necessary to work carefully packed to prevent any damage during transport. The Organizing Committee must receive mail until November 01, 2016.
By special request competing art objects (CDs, posters and original art objects) can be returned at the end of the exhibition. In this case it is necessary to make a special request and pay 650 rubles handling fee and shipping costs for the Postal Service. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any damage or loss of entries during transportation, as this will be the responsibility of the postal service on a general basis.

Copyright and all other rights remain with the artist. In the case where the competition provided art objects representative of the author, responsibility for authorship lies with the applicant. The Organizing Committee has the right to use the name (pseudonym) and images participating in the competition and exhibition of art objects for the purpose of advertising and promotion of the International project "Art Week" and the Russian Art Week, and non-commercial use as an illustration and media. All participants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used by the International project "Art Week" and the Russian Art Week for marketing and promotional purposes, including for-profit publishing in any media, such as exhibitions, print and digital media . By participating in the contest, the author (s) consents to the inclusion in the catalog "New Faces of Arts" photos of the author and art objects.
The Organizing Committee of the Russian Art Week is not responsible for art objects and images rendered in violation of the competition rules, or for those who violate the copyright, as in this case, the responsibility of the person filing the application for participation in the competition program of the Russian Art Week (applicant).